At Sherwood Community Friends Church:

  • We are people with all kinds of life issues, not people who have figured it all out. When we talk about spiritual issues, we mean all the issues of our lives.
  • We struggle with things like keeping relationships healthy; raising kids in challenging and terrifying times; caring for our aging parents; drug, alcohol, and even food addictions; meeting our financial obligations; and balancing work, family, and trying to save a place for God as well.
  • We celebrate God’s attention to us, which reaches far beyond our attention to God. We count on God to care about what we care about and be with us even in times when we don’t want to be with ourselves.
  • We acknowledge life is a mixed bag, and we know the hard days don’t disappear just because we believe in Jesus.
  • We find comfort in the love of God expressed in the community of Christ; we hope in God’s promise that we will never be alone; we receive joy in the ways God blesses us; we have satisfaction in knowing to whom we can turn to ask for help or give thanks.
  • We believe the biblical teaching that God has always desired to love humankind and be in relationship with us. We rejoice that God loves us so, and we celebrate the new life God gives us, which has been sealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Sherwood Community Friends Church is people seeking to live into new life, ever growing, changing, welcoming, and serving the community in the name of Jesus. By our lives of worship and hospitality, we are dedicated to announce God’s love for all.