July 5, 2015

Loving God through Ritual & Symbol

Passage: Matthew 3:1-17
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Ritual. Tradition. Symbol. Religion. Rote. Meaningless. That’s how many people think about rituals or formalities in the context of worship where the order of events is pre-determined. If it‘s not spontaneous or “Spirit-led”, it is not of God, some may claim. But Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Pathways, reveals that there are many ways of loving God, and one major way is through ritual and symbol. This is the path of the Traditionalist. It is valid, Thomas states, for you to, “Rightly fear a form of faith that has no substance.” But he also points out, “In the context of true faith, religious practices and rituals can be a powerful force for good – a friend, not an enemy, of a rich and growing relationship with God (80).” This Sunday, July 5th, we'll take a look at this idea that ritual and symbolism can effectively connect us with the Almighty and with a legacy of faith that extends even beyond our Lord's walk on this earth as we consider Loving God through Ritual and Symbol.